ScreenshotXI v1.0-1 – Cydia Tweaks

Bring iOS 11 design screenshotting into iOS 9 and 10. You get started by simply tapping on the picture marking on it, or can talk about the screenshot by pressing on the image. You can dismiss the image, if you wish to save the screenshot… Read More

Cercube for YouTube v4.1.8 – Cydia Tweaks

Downloads – Download movies around 4K resolution – Download movies as audio – Set default download characteristic – Play downloads at a substance design participant – Manage and discuss downloads into some program   Video Player – Play YouTube videos with Picture in Picture –… Read More

SpoofSnap v1.1.9 – Cydia Tweaks

Appropriate for iOS 8,9,10 Tweak for Snapchat >attributes -(pun) Grow or increase 1-Views, Screenshots (buddies or Others) 3-Added me 4-filters (rate ,Temperature …). …and much more -_-   -(Additional choices) 1-Hide ScreenShots 2-Hide status pub 3-Hide typing to another Messages in conversation 5-Hide Name when… Read More

Vespera (iOS 10) v1.0.2 – Cydia Tweaks

Vespera will replace iOS default option lock cartoon and change the lock cartoon duration. It offers the following cartoons: Television TV (Inverted) Fade Out Twist Up Zoom Out Suck Down More animations will likely be added. Thank you for encouraging me! Display choices from Settings.

OnlineNotify v2.3.10 – Cydia Tweaks

Sick and tired of waiting around for the friends to come on the web on WhatsApp? Well, here is a tweak to automatically track your selected WhatsApp friends, it keeps you on telling from outside and interior WhatsApp. It will inform you if some one… Read More

EDGIFY – Bring Galaxy S8 notification to iOS

If you are a fan of how in which the notification system appears on Galaxy S8 apparatus, then you may want to listen to a different jailbreak tweak known as Edgify from iOS programmer NOPTeam. If the concept seems familiar, that is because a free… Read More

Watusi 2 for WhatsApp v1.0.18 – Cydia Tweaks

Watusi will create WhatsApp simpler and easier to use, enabling you to change every area of the program to fulfill your wants. Some of its attributes: – Freeze your final control and seen your read receipts – Status Add-ons: Never let your buddies know that… Read More

Safari Plus v1.2.4 – Cydia Tweaks

Various enhancements to Safari This tweak does nothing by default, check Preferences to enable each feature individually. Features: – Force HTTPS with configurable exception sites – Have both “Open in New Tab” and “Open in Background” options available – New Option to open long pressed… Read More

Copic 2 v1.0.7 – Cydia Tweaks

This is completely free upgrade for all Copic legitimate customers. The newest Copic 2 is totally designed to optimized and rebuild from zero. And now brings the ability to display the Contact pictures everywhere on your iPhone. Integrates seamlessly with stock Contacts, FaceTime, Mail, Messages… Read More